Become a member and help to save animals today

South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance is a professional animal rescue service based in Rotherham serving South Yorkshire.

Would you consider becoming a member and support our round the clock ambulance service.

For further information see our other web page.... on your mobile phone, or you can follow us on or alternative facebook page at...   Alan Webster (South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance)

All the proceeds received help fund our local wildlife rescue. This enables us to save and rehabilitate local wildlife, helping animals that would normally not receive veterinary treatment.

When rescuing wildlife, we make sure all animals are carefully treated giving them the best chance of survival before they are moved on to local sanctuaries to aid their rehabilitation.

Our members will then be entitled to our services free of charge should they need us for there own pets during a crisis. Applies to the South Yorkshire (Worksop and Chesterfield) areas only.

Please note:  We are NOT connected in any way to a charity called "South Yorkshire Animal Rescue".

South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance provides professional animal rescue across South Yorkshire 24/7.

South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance offers a range of pet and wildlife rescue services in South Yorkshire. Call us today on 0777 999 5258