Animal Rescue

Rapid response Pet Ambulance services across South Yorkshire

An emergency Service for your Family Pets and Wildlife.

We cover over a 1000 square miles, which include Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster, also Chesterfield and Worksop (after saying that we have had call outs as far south as the Channal Islands and as far north as the Shetlands).

For many years we have been reluctant to advertlise on the Internet, for many reasons. We have relied on word of mouth from the Police and the many veterinary practices in our catchment area including the PDSA and Vets Now, the  RSPCA and The many Dog Rescues which do a brilliant job rehoming the many abandoned dogs and cats (where would they be without them). And of course adverts in the Yellow Pages over the years but now reluctantly we have to go with the times and advertise on the net.

So here goes, we are a private ambulance service for your family pets and wildlife alike and both receive our attention in their moment of crisis. We are dedicated to their well being and survival NOT FOR PROFIT, but unfortunately money is the route of all evil, and we cannot run a operational ambulance service on goodwill alone..

WE are not dog walkers or pet sitters

We are a trained and professional ambulance service for our fellow creatures which share our world, we are not a Pet Taxi though we are happy to provide transport for your pet if you need us for an appointment at your vets day or night.

Sorry but if you are looking for a cheap ride for a simple appointment at the vets maybe we are not for you, however our members receive discounts for visits to the vets and our service is totally free of charge in the event of an emergency.    (Sorrry we dont pay your vets bill).   

We cannot and will not compete with the many pet Taxi's and so called pet ambulances competing amongst themselves for business.

 When your pet needs specialised handling and transport to your vets you need a professional and prompt response, not some guy in a van and a dog cage in  the back.

Please note:  We are NOT connected in any way to a charity called "south yorkshire animal rescue".

We provide pet rescue services including:
  • 24/7 Pet & Wildlife rescue for injured animals only (sorry cannot respond to strays)
  • Emergency transport to vets 24/7
  • Roadside first-aid
  • Wildlife rescue
  • Wildlife relocation to sanctuaries when possible

South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance gives you the chance to help animals in crisis and in return should you need us for your own pet, will will be there for you.

South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance is a professional pet rescue service covering South Yorkshire. Call us today on 0777 999 5258